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Debra began her photographic journey in 2001, making herself one of the most highly sought after and most highly recommended photographers in South Florida.  After personally photographing over 1000 weddings and the even more engagement, family, child and pet portrait sessions, which grew from her wedding photography, Debra chose to refocus her efforts on the things she loves the most . . Children, pets and families, along with personal branding (professional head shots).

Debra weisheit,
fine art photographer
working professionally in South florida and beyond since 2001.
Debra earned her PPA certification as a Professional photographer in 2011.

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our philosophy is simple
your life . . . your art!

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Family Portraits

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Little Dreamers


Professional Headhots beginning at $250

Portrait sessions come in all shapes and sizes!  Confidence building sessions for tweens and teen, intended to show them just how beautiful and unique they are, since after all, it's pretty normal for kids to not see themselves as we see them, and to compare themselves to impossible societal standards and to listen to the wrong people while they're trying to discover their identity.   My mission is to make sure our young people know just how beautiful, awesome, unique and amazing they are!! 

Do you need a family portrait?  How long has it been since you had one done?  Life is short and unpredictable, don't put it off any longer!  And what about your 4 legged babies?  Horses, dogs and cats love photo sessions too!  End of life sessions for our 4 legged babies are available too.  

Little Dreamer sessions are a dream come true!  Not only for our tiny subjects, but for Debra too!  These are the sessions that Debra has always dreamed she'd be able to do!  Let those little ones dream!  Dreams DO come true . . .

In todays impersonal, virtual world, it's more important than ever for your first impression image . . . your headshot . . . to be great.
You have one chance to make a first impression!  Make it good with a well done headshot that shows the world just who you are!

children, pets and family Portrait
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Little Dreamer
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*including 1 print

Wall Art
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