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More than 20 years ago Debra pursued her dream of becoming a visual storyteller and telling her stories through her art. 
Once she picked up a camera, it was a natural transition straight into the visual arts.  

Debra's artwork hangs worldwide and brings joy daily to her clients.
Debra is passionate about serving her clients and providing an experience that is unparalleled. 
    Creating storytelling pieces that capture the essence of who her clients are, and the relationships that are unfolding in front of her camera, is what truly brings Debra joy.

Debras photographs outdoors, using the backdrops provided by nature and focuses on the people and relationships as they appear before her camera!  Her fun loving, silly personality, accompanied by over 20 years as a professional photographer, makes her sessions easy and fun for her clients, while producing unique and beautiful images.
Her style has been described as colorful, warm, artistic, dreamy, unique, whimsical and magical.  
The images tell a story!  They bring dreams to life, and they capture the true essence of who your children and your family are today.  In this crazy world that changes constantly, she wants her clients families documented just as they are today, with wall art prominently displayed in their homes.   

Debra's life revolves around her family, a combo of his, our and theirs, she is the mom of 2, step mom of 2, grandma/adoptive mom of 3. There are fur babies in the mix, a husband, a house and a whole lot of love, and laughter that is the foundation for her love of all things family!  

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